The Imaginarium of Rose Macabre 

Imogen Rose Macrae


I work intuitively using various methods and materials, combining them to produce richly textured narratives, informed by myths, folklore and fairy tales. Through these narratives, with the help of an ever-growing collection of objects to be tinkered with, some playful photography, a little of paint, a lot of ink, and scraps of poetry I aim to create entirely believable, slightly uncomfortable and thoroughly magical realities in which my ideas can come to life. 

  Within my work I get caught up in cages, toy with shadows, fix birds with broken wings, talk to tigers, play with dolls, give girls guns and tangle myself in trapeze ropes. Inspired by the writings of Angela Carter, informed by the work artists such as Annette Messager, Christian Boltanski, Nan Goldin, and taking tips from the film work of Jan Svankmajer and Alfred Hitchcock, I am interested in the dualities of life, the borders between the real and the unreal. My work is littered with my obsessions and the stories within it are fabricated from personal confessions of my own mistakes, adventures and dreams.